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How to enter your software registration key.

To enter your software registration key, just follow the instructions in the email you'll receive following the registration process.

Abstracts from that email : ..............Thank you for purchasing DEL MP3 Karaoke.

If singing along is your thing, this is the software for you. Whatever sound card you've got on you're computer, quality of sound passes through us.

To enter your registration of DEL MP3 Karaoke on your computer; start DEL MP3 Karaoke software, choose English using the check box, then Register.

In the fields enter these 2 (two) keys: (separated here by spaces): ENxxxxxxx Eyyyyyyyyy
The first part (starting with EN...) in the NAME field, the second in the KEY field then click OK.
Also, this is your........and so on with the email.
Thats it.

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