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Is it possible to strip the lyrics off a MP3 file?

We've found some tools, plugins for software like CoolEdit, but the results are poor. Here's an explanation of how this can be accomplished
Recording studios have the original tracks which do not contain the recording of the voice, the voice track is mixed with the music tracks and you cannot undo the process. To separate tracks it would be necessary to use an audio format which make it possible to have several tracks, which currently does not exist. However, the voice being generally recorded into mono and stereophony being used for the music, some software make it possible to remove the "mono" sounds of a piece, and can thus obtain an instrumental version from a sung version. There is a but; current songs add stereo effects to the voice, and that does not go perfectly well, but it is always better than nothing. You could go to http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/audio/vremover.htm to get one of there plugins.

The MIDI format can be a good suggestion too, if your searching for instrumental tracks. You can visit websites dedicated to the matter. We've got a few links to help you start your search in our links section.

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