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Download problems?

There are several possibilities.

1- Recently we've implemented a download script on our website to control downloads. If a visitor wants to download one of our file coming from another website, say "my personal home page" our script will block the download. Why you say? Simply to get people to see the information on our website regarding the software like: system requirements, licence agreement ůSo if you tried a download from or coming from another website, you'll be denied access.
2-Caching could be the culprit also: For example, if your original download got munged, and your successive downloads all referenced a bad cached copy instead of the actual, original file, they'd all fail. The cache could be on your end: either the cache built into your browser, or in add-on software (many "download accelerators" employ some form of caching to create the illusion of greater throughput). But some ISPs also use caches for greater speed. If your ISP's cached copy of the file was bad, your subsequent download attempts may have repeatedly accessed that bad cached copy instead of the actual original file, resulting in what seemed to be a series of bad downloads. There's nothing much you can do about a cache on your ISP's end. But if there are repeated problems, it might be worth checking out a different ISP.
3-With dial-up connections, it's not uncommon for a bit to be "dropped" (lost in transmission) from time to time, especially if your phone line isn't great. Zip files have very few extraneous bits, so loss of even one can render the entire Zip file invalid and unable to be decompressed.
4-Try clearing your browser's cache*: In Internet Explorer, click Tools/Internet Options, and on the General tab, click on Delete Files in the "Temporary Internet Files" section. In Netscape, click Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Cache, then click both "Clear Cache" buttons. Other browsers have similar settings. When you're done, close and restart the browser and see if that helps.

Likewise, if you're using any kind of extra cache in a download accelerator, explore that software's settings for ways to clear out old files.

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