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Can DMK karaoke be played on DVD using a CD?

Your question is easily answered by choosing the AVI format:
First you will use DEL MP3 Karaoke to make and play your karaoke song.
If you want to record the lyrics showing in the karaoke window and the music (sound), you could use a window capture utility software such as Techsmith's SnagIt or Camtasia, both found at http://www.techsmith.com.
They offer video with sound capture with AVI output format (movie).
Configure the window capture utility (i.e.SnagIt), start your song in DEL MP3 Karaoke, and record image & sound.
Then you just have to burn your resulting AVI files, and play them on your DVD*.
Another option would be to convert the resulting AVI to the VCD or DVD format.
For this I direct you to http://www.vcdhelp.com/convert.htm for help on how-to do this.

*note: your DVD must support the AVI format.

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