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I'm having a problem when recording with my voice signing with a microphone over the music. When I play back the recording I made with the DMK recording module, I don't hear anything.

For the absence of sound after the recording, surely you didn't select the right recording channel. You must select the recording channel in your Windows Record Control panel.

In the DMK record module you'll find the to access the Windows Record Control Panel.

Then select " Wave " to record an .mp3 or .mid OR " Recordings, Mix or What U Hear... (Title tags for the controls could change depending upon your language and the sound card driver you have installed) " to record what's coming out of your speakers.

Note: If you don't see the " Wave " channel, in the Windows Record Control panel you must go to OPTIONS, then select PROPERTIES. In that panel you'll select RECORDING and in the list check WAVE. You could also select MIDI and then have the option to record directly a .mid file. Click OK and you have the selected channel present in the Windows Record Control panel.
See also http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/manu_recorder_en.html

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