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Questions on music files format.

Can the .kok files, generated by DEL MP3 Karaoke, be played by another karaoke player; or is it possible to transform a kok file to a kar (after the song is synchronized, lyrics and music)?
The kok format has been created for the DEL MP3 Karaoke software. The biggest advantage of the format .kok is it's use of the mp3 files giving you a sound of CD quality.
Karawin is another software that can play .kok files but VanBasco's Karaoke Player cannot.

We're working on the exportation of the kok to the kar format.
Available in the next major release of DEL MP3 Karaoke.

What is a "midi" file?
MIDI means ' Numerical Interface for Musical instrument ' (Musical Instrument DIGITAL Interface.)
Created in 1983 by the manufacturers of synthetizers. The file format midi is a digital musical file which can be read by a computer or an electronic instrument supporting the MIDI format GM. (General Midi).
Contrary to the MP3 files which is an integral recording of the music, the midi format do not contain the sound of the instruments, but only the notes, the swiftness... and the types of instruments associated with each one of these notes. It is thus the sound card or the instrument (synthetizers) which generates the sounds for each played instrument.
The quality sound cards uses wavetables. This allowing to reproduce a sound of quality approaching the sonority of a true musical instrument.

Advantages of the midi format:
- This type of file is very small in volume (a few kilobytes for several minutes of music)
- It can be easily modified using an editor (Ex: Cakewalk).
- As the format is very small, it is easily integrable and Ideal for Web pages on the Internet.
- These files do not contain the signers voices, therefore ideal for the karaokť.

- sound quality depends on the quality of the sound cards witch is used to play the midi.
- musical arrangement of the midi that you can find on the Net are sometimes made by beginners and are thus not always of very good quality.

When I play a MIDI file on my desktop, the sound quality is rich and clear, but when I play the same file on a laptop, it's not so great!
Simple, you've got a better sound card on your desktop. Reading the MIDI format, your sound card generates notes and associates them with different instruments; thats how a track is composed.

Quality sound cards uses wavetables, that can reproduce sound quality better.
This is where DMK comes in handy. Using a sound editing program like Cooledit, you can convert the MIDI to the MP3 format on your desktop. The resuling files (MP3) can be played on any computer (desktop or laptop) and the sound quality output will be just like the output you've recorded. The MP3 format is an integral reproduction of the MIDI you've converted.

What file format DEL MP3 Karaoke can play?
DEL MP3 Karaoke software uses the windows media player resources, so MP3, MIDI, KAR and so on, can be played in it.

Convert MP3 to MIDI?
It is difficult to convert a MP3 file to a MIDI file.
The Widi software will do it. http://www.widisoft.com/ (no relation with DMK)
For an MP3 with 2 or 3 instruments it works correctly, but for a richer MP3, its not effective.

When I make changes to the volume in a midi file, when I get back to DMK it's still at the same volume as before. I tryed exporting, but I must be doing something wrong cause that don't work right?
Be aware that you can't export(save) the global volume settings. But you can save the volume settings of the different channels by exporting the volume for each channel.
See our mixer manual help page at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/manu_mixer_en.html

Where can I download songs, I am not very good using internet?
Our website is a commercial one, and itís forbidden to download songs without paying copyright. Itís impossible for us to give MP3 files, Midi or any other format of music files. On the other hand, here are some small advices to help you in your queries. Visit our Link page at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/links_en.html to find some addresses where you can download music files. You can also create your own karaoke using the DMK editor. To learn how to create a .kok, consult our user manual at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/manu_en.html To find instrumental MP3 (without the signing voice), you can use a software such as Kazaa (www.kazaa.com) Or WinMX (www.winmx.com) and search by adding "instrumental" at the end of the search query.

How the .kok file works?

An example of question that a user could ask us would be:

I use your software and having synchronized the words with the music, I am able to display my karaoke. On the other hand, I save my work and after that, close the DMK software. If I try to find my creation via Windows explorer and if I double-click on the file, which is identified by a DMK icon to play it as a karaoke in DMK, I am unable to make it play. How or what Iím I not doing correctly.

When a .kok file is created by means of the editor, this file is saved in the directory specified in the configuration of the program and carries the same name as the music file used with a .kok extension Ex: synchronization with the music file MrsRobinson.mp3 the file kok is going to be saved as MrsRobinson.kok
When you want to play an MP3 or MIDI music file with DEL MP3 Karaoke, the program automatically goes to check in the directory specified in the configuration and in the current directory of the music file.
If one .kok file exists corresponding to the music file (MrsRobinson.mp3 - > MrsRobinson.kok), DMK is going to use this file of synchronization for displaying the words (karaoke). In fact, the .kok file is not a music file, but a complement file containing the words and the synchronization which are associated to a song.
When the synchronization is done and saved, return to the DMK player and play the music file (MP3 or MIDI) used during the synchronization. The words should display automatically. Note: for a MIDI file, itís also possible to export the synchronization inside the MIDI file rather than to create a .kok file.

For more information about the editor), consult our manual at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/manu_fr.html.

How to make a music file play Karaoke (Display the words on the screen) with DMK ?

For a music file to produce a Karaoke, this one has to have the lyrics synchronized with the song.
You have two choices.

  1. You find them already synchronized on internet and you download them.
  2. Or you make them yourself using DMKís editor. This means, taking a music file and making the synchronization of the words over the song yourself.

To find karaoke songs already synchronized, consult our link section at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/links_en.html

To make the karaoke song yourself using our editor, continue consulting this FAQ section.
Youíll find information there such as:

You can also consult our DMK on-line manual to help you understand more how DMKís work at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/manu_en.html

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