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Registration Issues

What forms of payment does Kagi accept?
Kagi accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Optima, Discover(Novus), Diner's Club, Eurocard, Carte Blanche, JCB).
We also accept checks, cash, purchase orders (when accompanied by a check) and money orders. We process orders in over 40 currencies.
You may send cash or checks in non U.S. currency. If you select the cash option on the order form, there is a feature which allows you to choose from over 40 currencies.
If you are paying by check in a non US currency, first select the cash option, find out your order's price in your country's currency, then go back and select the check option and complete your order. Although your order's price will be displayed in USD, you may make out your check for the equivalent amount in your country's currency.
If you are sending a check in USD, but drawn on a bank outside the U.S., the order must be for $100 or over.
Unfortunately, Kagi do not accept Pay Pal at this time.

How to enter your software registration key.
To enter your software registration key, just follow the instructions in the email you'll receive following the registration process.

Abstracts from that email : ..............Thank you for purchasing DEL MP3 Karaoke.

If singing along is your thing, this is the software for you. Whatever sound card you've got on you're computer, quality of sound passes through us.

To enter your registration of DEL MP3 Karaoke on your computer; start DEL MP3 Karaoke software, choose English using the check box, then Register.

In the fields enter these 2 (two) keys: (separated here by spaces): ENxxxxxxx Eyyyyyyyyy
The first part (starting with EN...) in the NAME field, the second in the KEY field then click OK.
Also, this is your........and so on with the email.
Thats it.

I have downloaded and installed your new version. My register code does not work any more, it is refused every time?
It is normal that your registrations keys do not work any more when you upgrade to a new version.
Contact us using this page. You need to specify the Name and email address used for the registration process (at Kagi our partner) and the first key codes received after the registration process.

Security numbers on credit cards?

Security number on credit cards

The purpose of the credit card security number is to prevent thieves from using your credit card number with internet and telephone merchants who cannot physically compare the signatures on your card with the purchaser signature. The security number is a relatively new internet fraud protection mechanism, and many people are unfamiliar with it.

The security number is a random number added to the card by your credit card issuer. When we communicate with your credit card issuer to get authorization to charge your credit card, we also send the security number that was provided. Your credit card issuer looks to see if your account has enough available credit, and they also look to see that the security number provided matches what they printed onto your credit card.

If the security number does not match, it is a reasonable assumption that the person using your credit card is not you and although there might be enough available credit to handle the purchase, it would be unwise for us to process the purchase. If it was you making the purchase, you would know the proper security number. A thief would not.

If you have multiple credit cards, it is best if you designate one credit card just for internet purchases, so that no one but you ever sees the security number. Stores such as Kagi that verify the security number prevent thieves from pretending to be you.

American Express one-time-use card: When you get a one-time-use card number for use on the internet, use the real security number on your American Express card; that is what they are expecting.

Here is a key to help determine the correct security ID#:

**The security ID# will be only 3 or 4 digits long, no longer than that.**

Visa et MasterCard American Express

Failed Orders?

Failed Orders

There are many reasons why your credit card might be rejected. The most common reason is that you have failed to enter or have incorrectly entered your security ID number. If you are unsure where to find the security number on your credit card, please read our FAQs regarding security numbers, Security number on American Express credit cards and Security number on Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Another reason why your credit card might be rejected is that you have entered your credit card billing information incorrectly. The credit card billing information must match exactly the address on the statement you receive from your bank or financial institution.

Other reasons include insufficient funds, or that your bank or financial instititution has rejected your credit card number. Also, please check to make sure that you have correctly entered your credit card number, credit card type (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, etc.) and expiration date. It is also possible that Kagi wasn't able to contact your bank or financial institution to complete the transaction.

If your credit card number has ever been used to make a fraudulent purchase at Kagi, that number will be blocked, and any purchases made with that number declined.

Please note that even when your order is declined, a transaction may appear on your credit card statement. When a customer initiates an online order with Kagi, Kagi asks your financial institution to authorize the funds necessary for your purchase. Your financial institution encumbers the funds until the transaction is fully completed and we have received the funds. When the transaction is not approved, your bank releases the funds and they become available to you once again. This process does not happen right away. In fact it can take 2 days to 2 weeks. The bank has to get notification from us that the charge was declined, then they process a credit to your account.

If you have checked all your credit card information thoroughly and feel that it is correct, you can contact us at help@kagi.com or at 1+ (510) 658-5244 Monday through Friday from 9 am until 4 pm PT, and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to investigate the matter for you.

Can I send a Money Order? What's the process?
From our website go to kagi's website by clicking a link like the "Buy Now!" button on http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/reg_en.html . Then choose the Money Order choice of payment and the Currency in witch you wish to buy a DMK license. Fill the form with your contact information and submit. The next page will be a printable Payment Form that contains the shipping Information for both the form and your Money Order.

How to obtain registration keys upgrade?
If you already have registered DMK and want registration keys upgrade. contact the support and specify your Name and email address used for the registration process (at Kagi our partner) and the first key codes received after the registration process.
If your not registered, you can do so by following this linkhttp://www.delmp3karaoke.com/reg_en.html
Thank you!

When I try to run DMK, from a program shortcut on the desktop or in the star menu, I get an error message which says "You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality". Does this mean that I have to buy the program before I can try it?
Absolutely not. DMK is distributed as shareware, and you are encouraged to try it fully before registering. This error message is not coming from DMK directly. It seems that this error is being produced by Sheridan Software’s Tabbed Dialog control, a control (.ocx) used by DMK and other programs. Sheridan has acknowledged that at least some versions of the control will produce the error in question, and while it is still unclear if a true "fix" exists, the following procedure should take care of the problem for now: To correct this problem you need to uninstall DEL MP3 Karaoke (via the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel) and then go to your Windows\System directory with windows explorer and look for the file Tabctl32.ocx. When you find it, rename it and/or move in to a different location (do not delete it, just in case). Then reinstall DMK. This will place the original version of the tab control that shipped with DMK in the System directory, and should register it and solve the problem. Meanwhile, if necessary, you can always reverse the procedure with the Tabctl32.ocx file renaming or moving it back to Windows\System.

I can't manage to make DMK work correctly, is it because I am not registered?

The version build available on our download page is fully functional without being registered. So, if you got a problem with DMK, purchasing it won’t it!

Take time to understand how DMK works by reading our "How To" articles witch you’ll find all around our site and by consulting our user manual at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/manuel_en/manu_en.html.
If the software generates an error then closes, consult the article of our FAQ at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/cgi-bin/smartfaq_en/smartfaq.cgi?answer=1041813809. If the problem persists contact us at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/email_support_en.html.

Registration has many advantages and gives you:

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