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Install with "Windows Installer"

What is the Windows Installer?
The Windows Installer service is an operating system component from Microsoft. It is included in Windows 2000 and XP is also provided as a service pack for the Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems. With the Windows Installer, the operating system has greater control over the installations of software programs. DMK is including the Windows Installer on new installs.

Why is DMK converting its installations over to the Windows Installer when the old setups worked fine?
The Windows Installer Service is the new standard from Microsoft. After further investigation by DMK, we believe that the Windows Installer represents a positive step forward.

The new software installations seem to install to the PROGRAM FILES directory by default. Can I change this?
Yes, but Microsoft recommends this path. During installation, you can change this path by selecting the Custom option during installation.

I have heard that the Windows Installer allows you to repair an application. How can I do that with the Windows Installer?
Select the Add/Remove Programs icon from Windows Control Panel. Select the software component in the list and double click on it. If the program was designed with the Windows Installer, a dialog box will appear with the options of Repair, Modify or Remove.

Do I need to save the installation files I downloaded from the web?
Yes, in order to Repair, modify or remove the program, the Windows Installer needs access to the MSI file included in the installation files. Repairing or modifying the programs also requires the data files.

Help, I have deleted the installation files and I am trying to remove the program and the Windows Installer is prompting me for the location of the MSI file.
A cached copy of the MSI file is stored in the Windows\Installer directory (or Winnt\Installer). Point the installer to that directory. You will not be able to modify or repair the installation without the data files but you will be able to remove the installation.

Will the size of the downloaded installs increase?
Yes, if you choose the “For all Windows versions links” the size of the installs will increase by about 3.5 MB. This is because the latest version of the Windows Installer for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4 is included with every DMK install, a Microsoft’s recommendation.

Will the new DMK installs require a reboot?
Usually not. The new DMK installs include version 2.0 of the Windows Installer. If the user’s system does not have the latest version of the installer (e.g. Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4) then the installation installs the Windows Installer and then continues the installation of the DMK software. If the user’s system has version 1.0 of the Windows Installer, then the installation will prompt for a reboot to complete the upgrade of the Windows Installer and the installation of the DMK software will continue upon restart of the system.

When I try to run DMK, from a program shortcut on the desktop or in the star menu, I get an error message which says "You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality". Does this mean that I have to buy the program before I can try it?
Absolutely not. DMK is distributed as shareware, and you are encouraged to try it fully before registering. This error message is not coming from DMK directly. It seems that this error is being produced by Sheridan Software’s Tabbed Dialog control, a control (.ocx) used by DMK and other programs. Sheridan has acknowledged that at least some versions of the control will produce the error in question, and while it is still unclear if a true "fix" exists, the following procedure should take care of the problem for now: To correct this problem you need to uninstall DEL MP3 Karaoke (via the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel) and then go to your Windows\System directory with windows explorer and look for the file Tabctl32.ocx. When you find it, rename it and/or move in to a different location (do not delete it, just in case). Then reinstall DMK. This will place the original version of the tab control that shipped with DMK in the System directory, and should register it and solve the problem. Meanwhile, if necessary, you can always reverse the procedure with the Tabctl32.ocx file renaming or moving it back to Windows\System.

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