How to play your CD+G using DMK.



The CD+G format is widely available and is offered in a wide range of music styles. Their soundtrack playback is generally of good quality.

A CD+G disk is simply a standard audio CD which has a graphic data track encoded with it. This data track takes the form of song lyrics which display during playback of the track when played either on a standalone CD+G player, a living room DVD (witch support the format) or on a computer with an appropriate CD-ROM drive or CD-R/RW drive which is capable of reading the sub code region. A software (DMK) able to display, on screen, and in synch, the graphic data (the song's lyrics).

These disks can be bought in karaoke web stores, dedicated karaoke stores or in large record store chains. You could download, from the web, MP3+G (This format is the one you should consider, the sound part being compressed, the files are smaller). MP3+G is the common name witch is given to files extracted from CD+G disks. There composed of two (2) parts, one of witch is a regular .mp3 file. The .mp3 extracted from a karaoke CD+G is expected to be an instrumental (without the signing voice). The other part is a .cdg file, witch is found on the graphic data track, the lyrics part.

To be able to play CD+G files on your computer using DMK:

1 … you'll have to obtain MP3+G files by downloading them or by some other means,
You should choose carefully where you store your MP3+G on your hard drive. After installing and configuring DMK, find your .mp3 and .cdg files using the player files explorer (left panel). The folder content should display in the right pane. Double-click the file and there you go!

2 … you'll have to extract the audio and graphics files that you find on karaoke CD's and DVD's.
Does your computer have an optical drive (cd-rom/rw) able to read karaoke cd's?
To help you in answering the above question, we suggest:
- check our cd-rom compatibility list at to see if you can find your drive.
- search using search engines like Google, for your optical drive model, and add words like cdg or karaoke in your search.

As a general rule, most of the latest CD-RW build are able to read and write CD+G's and:
Most Yamaha Recorders are compatible.
Most Plextor drives are compatible.
Some HP Recorders are compatible (8100 series and higher).
If a drive is listed as CD-Text compatible it MAY also support CD+G.

You'll have to extract the files on the CD+G's. Through specialized software, you can separate the music's and graphics. "Audiograbber" is a software that let you do this. It's offered as freeware at .



This website's goal is not to provide song files, but to make available a working karaoke software. If you're looking for song files, our links section will help you find websites offering them.

As a general rule, if you download a song file and decide to keep it, you should buy the CD or in some way, pay the author a royalty fee.

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