Online purchase procedure.

When paying online, you may pay by credit card, cash, check or money order.

1. Click in the box next to the product you wish to purchase. Enter the number of copies that you desire to purchase.
2. Click on "postcard receipt" if you want a paper receipt mailed to you ($1.25 US extra). If you do not have an email address, you must request a postcard receipt.
3. Click "Continue."
4. Enter your email address using lower case letters. If you have an anonymous email account (e.g. Yahoo or Hotmail), you may have trouble completing your order (especially if you are outside of the United States). If you are in the US, and wish to use an anonymous email address, be sure to include the credit card billing address. The charge will only be approved if the billing address matches the records held by the card issuing bank. We recommend that you use a traceable email account if at all possible.
5. Enter your name. Enter your postal address. If you are paying by credit card, the address must match the billing address for your card. Choose your country from the list by clicking once to highlight the country name.
6. If paying by credit card, enter your card number as shown on the card. Do not enter spaces or punctuation to separate the numbers. Please also enter you security ID number on your credit card if one is available. The order page will have information about where to find the security ID on your specific credit card. Use the pull down menus to select the month and year that of the credit card expiration date. Click the PURCHASE button. If your credit card does not have a security ID, click the box marked "Illegible."
7. If you are paying by check or cash, choose that option. If you are making a purchase order, choose the check option. If you choose the cash option, the page will convert the amount to the currency you selected. Click the PURCHASE button. You will then see an order form which contains all of the information you have entered, and a barcode. Print this form and mail the form along with your cash or check to the address shown on the form. There may be a delay if you do not send the printed order form along with your payment.

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