How to add a new language to DMK.

Having the software in the language of your choice! At the moment DMK is in French and English but it's possible, by making the translation of a file, to add a language.


You wish to add a language to DMK, you should begin by closing the DMK program. The file Traduct.ini is in the C:\Program Files\DelMp3Kok directory *.

Beginning you should first make a back-up copy of the Traduct.ini. Name the copy Traduc.ini.bak or something else. Then open the file Traduct.ini with a text editor like Wordpad or Notepad**.

When you'll have the contents of the file in your text editor, select and copy from the line > > [English] < < to the line > > ' *********************************** < < inclusively. Then paste this portion at the end of the file Traduct.ini, it will become the next DMK language choice.

Always in this portion, begin by changing the name of the language
Example: changing [ English ] for [ Deutsche].

You then go to modify the text of every line containing variables and text.
Example: Ph*2=Support this Software, Please Register!.
C hange the text of this line to Ph*2=Die Schaffung, Ihre Kopie ab jetzt registrieren. (Errors translating, Babel fish on
So, in this line, Ph*2 is the variable part and Support this Software, Please Register!. is the text part .

You will note while translating that every language part of the file is subdivided into sub-section, like " ' *** Player *** ", where player is the context in which the text is to be used.
Example: A line like pl#1=Player allows to display the text on the referencee button in the DMK Player.
Continue so until you arrived to > > ' *********************************** < <
who denotes the end of the [Deutsche] part of the file.

Save your modifications and then start DMK. Open the configuration window of DMK, in the drop-down list, at the top left, you'll find the language you just added (in the example Deutsche).
Save and Exit using the lower right button . Voilà ! DMK in German.

* = If you chose to install DMK in the default directory .
** = If the type of file .INI isn't associated to a program on your PC, a dialog box will open asking you to choose a program to open or edit the file. Warning, avoid opening it with a word processor software such as Microsoft Word or Corel Worperfect, they could return a unusable file for DMK.

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