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User manuel of DMK version 5 - Editor section

This editor allows you to create/modify a karaoke on an MP3 or Midi

For the procedure to create a new karaoke, see the Synchronizing page
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Section Text Editor:

This section allows you to type, paste or import the lyrics of a song to be synchronized.

Once you have finished entering the words, you must separate the syllables of the song by a hyphen. A hyphen indicates to the program where it needs to separate the syllables for synchronizing the display time.

You may use the underscore character '_' to replace the hyphen of your text. The program will convert this character to hyphen when it’ll be imported in the karaoke list.

Place a slash '/' at the beginning of a sentence to force the transfer of it on one line in the karaoke list (blocks detection dashes and spaces for this line.)

Clear Test Editor field.
Import a text file (.txt)
Save the content of the Text Editor section
        in a text file (.txt).

Central functions of the editor:

To sync with each syllable melody, let’s check this option. The software will cut out each space, hyphen (-) and end of line in the karaoke list. For easier synchronization, uncheck this option, so each sentence line will be transferred to one entree.

This button allows you to import the words of the Text Editor section to karaoke list. This allows a timing of the display time thereafter.

It is possible to insert only a section of text in the karaoke list by following these steps.

  1. Select the line in the karaoke list where you want to insert it.
  2. Highlight the section of text to be inserted.
  3. Hold Ctrl key on the keyboard while clicking on this button.

Hold the ALT key on the keyboard while clicking on this button. You can import the words over the words already present in karaoke list. This is practical to keep the synchronization time in this list.

  To import the lyrics of the karaoke list to the Text Editor.

It is therefore possible to import a synchronized file in the Text Editor, to correct errors and to export new corrections in the karaoke list while keeping the synchronization time in place. Keep holding the ATL key and click on the Export button.

Note: If you added syllables in the text section editor, do not forget to insert a line in the karaoke list before exporting again. Otherwise, this will diphase the words and synchronization time.

This button allows you to go inside your synchronization file and change the background image and text colors that will be used in the karaoke window when playing.

The insertion is only possible at the beginning of the synchronization or the beginning of a new line.

The image must always be in the same directory as the music file.

This configuration always overrides others program settings.

Used to subtract or add the time mentioned in entire list.
If you select a line in the list and you hold the CTRL key while clicking on one of its buttons, changing the time will start from that line to the end.
Note: You can also use the method of selection to indicate the section to adjust (F9, F10 listed See below, "*** shortcut" for more information on the selection.)
Section List Karaoke:

Importing the text in this list allows time synchronization of the lyrics.

When you select a line from this list, it is automatically edited in the lower editing section allowing you to edit or delete that line.

Tip: Before selecting a line in this list, you must always stop the song playing.

Refresh list  (Reload the list from the last save).
Resets the synchronization time to zero the entire list.
If you select a line in the list and you hold the CTRL key while clicking on this button, the reset time will start from that line to the end.

Tip: You can also use the selection mode to indicate the section to reset. (F9, F10 in the list. See below, "*** shortcut" for more information on the selection)

Clear the full content (RAZ) of the karaoke list.

Import synchronizing file .kok, .ko1 or .kar

If you leave this option activated and start the song from editor, DMK will automatically select the playing syllable in this karaoke list.

Save synchronization

.Kok : Main synchronizing file.

.Ko1 : To create a 2nd sync file to generate
          a barrel effect.

.Kar : Export sync in a midi file.

.Kck : Saving the synchronization file chords.

.Cod : Export charts of chords used in the

Save synchronization of files:

The .kok file (main file synchronization) contains the lyrics and the synchronization time specified in the karaoke list. It may also contain information about the color changes and wallpaper changes.

The .ko1 file (to create a 2nd sync file and generate a barrel effect) is similar to a .kok file, but with lyrics and display time (sync), which will be sung by a second person.

At the start of karaoke, the DMK player will display two karaoke windows simultaneously. One for .kok file and the other window for the .ko1 file.

If you synchronize a MIDI file (.mid), you can choose between creating a .kok file or insert synchronization inside the new MIDI karaoke file (.kar).

The .kar option (Export synchronization in a MIDI file) recreates a MIDI file including words and synchronisation inside.

Saving chords:

The .Kck file (Saving the chords file) contains the text entered in the chords field and synchronization time.

The cod file (Export diagrams chords) contains information that can display the diagrams of chords used in your karaoke.

The diagram shows the information that is being used to
represent the chords of guitar fretboard or piano keyboard

Why register a cod file? :

DMK has already several recorded chords that allow the
display of the guitar fretboard diagram. If you use these
chords or if you do not share your karaoke, it is not necessary to generate this file.

 Guitare Fretboard Diagram
Piano Keyboard

But, if you synchronize use a guitar chords that you entered yourself in your DMK chords editor and want to share your karaoke, you need to générate the .cod file.
If not, the person who wants to play your karaoke will not see the Guitar Fretboard Diagram chords unless he enters it on his own DMK editor.

In this file (.cod) the Guitare Fretboard Diagram and Pino Diagram coding chords used in your karaoke is registered.
At the start of the song, DMK will validate if the file with the name of Mp3 with the .cod extension exists. (Same as the .kok file)

If the file exists, DMK will use information from this file to draw diagrams chords when playing karaoke. This way, the person using your karaoke will see the same Guitar Fretboard Diagram even if it has not created it on his editor.

Save directory:

2 possibility:
- Save in the directory file song
- Save in the default directory (To change the location of this directory, you must go to the DMK Control Panel)

The saved files should be in the same directory as the .mp3 or in the directory specified in the configuration of the DMK.

Important: The saved files (.kok, .ko 1 .kok and cod) must always have the same name as the MP3 file associated with it, so they can be recognized by the DMK.

*** Shortcut:

Multiple selection:

- To make a multiple selection, first select the desired first line in the karaokelist.

F9 To indicate the beginning of the section. 

- Select the last line of your selection.

F10 Extends the section from the beginning.
      The selected items will be displayed with a gray background.

- Select the destination.

F11 Copy the section after the selection list.
F12 Move the section after selecting the list.
- Click to clear the time or to remove rows from multiple selection:

To cancel the selection, press 2 times F9 on one line.

Other shortcuts:

Double Click OR Right Click to play from the selection.
Dot "." to erase the time of selection.

0   To clear time on selection.
F5 Set focus to Chord field.
F6 Set focus to Lyric field.

Karaoke List editor section:

This section allows you to correct, add or remove an entry (guitard/piano chords, syllables, time and new line) of the karaoke sync list.

When you select an entry (line) in the karaoke list, the information of this line entry is displayed in this section:

1: Shows lyrics (syllables) to be displayed in the karaoke window.

2: Indicates the synchronization time which is the time counter of the MP3  or MIDI file.

3: Chords shown under lyrics text (optionnel)

4: The X indicates a line break. The option "newl ine" tells the software that the next entry will be displayed on a new line in the karaoke window.

Click to select the time on the meter as synchronization time

The Chord Text field allows you to specify the chords to be displayed above the specified text of lyrics. It is possible to specify one or more chords in this field and for each entry in your karaoke list.

You can add more spaces at the beginning or between chords to adjust the positioning of them when viewing.

The DMK can recognize the indicated chord and can display the diagram of the guitar or piano. The chord must be entered in the DMK diagram editor. The main chords have already been added for you.

When the DMK analyzes the indicated chords, it splits each sequences of character by spaces. Then, it consults its table chord to know its structure and display the associated diagram.

Some characters are displayed as they are and the DMK will not attempt to resolve the chords diagram.

Here are the characters:  
[ ] | { } ( ) < > : , . / \ ? * " x1 x2 x3 x4 X1 X2 X3 X4x 1x 2x 3x 4x 1X 2X 3X 4X Capo I Do Ré Mi Fa Sol La Si

When a character, that is not part of the chord’s diagram, is present in the DMK and is not part of the exemption list, the diagram chord will be represented by a (?) when you ask to display diagrams for all the chords of a song. When playing karaoke, the diagram will not be displayed for these unknown characters.

This button appears when you move the mouse cursor between two letters of a word in the text field. This will split the entry into 2 separate entrances for the cursor position in the karaoke list.

  Apply Changes
  Add new entry
  Duplicate entry
  Delete the entry from the karaoke list
   Clear (RAZ) field values of the selection (chord, syllables, time and line feed)
     Displays the window of guitar chords
     Displays the window of piano chords
  This button is activated when you select an input that is the beginning of a new line.
   (Same functionality as the button of the central section, see details above)
Adds or subtracts 0.1 sec time
Section controls:

Indicates syncing music file.


Allows to capture the input time of the selected line in the karaoke list.

3 possible ways to capture time:
  - Click the Capture button.
  - Press the spacebar in the karaoke list.
  - Activate the karaoke window "where the lyrics are displayed" and use the spacebar.

Play, stop or pause a song.
Forward or rewind the song by 10 seconds.
Display of the karaoke window (Where lyrics are displayed)
Exits the editor
Help, (It will take you here on this web page. You must, of course, have an internet connection.)
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