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User manuel for the DMK version 5 - Karaoke windows section

Allow the display of karaoke lyrics.

When you move the mouse cursor to the bottom of this window, the playback controls will appear.

The functions are available in the control bar of this window:
Force display of the DMK player.

Show Karaoke window always on top of the other windows.

Displays the full-screen window with no edges.

Shows the display options settings window.


Set the number of lines that will be displayed and the words scroll mode.

Moves to the lyric from left to right (horizontally).
Moves to the lyric from top to bottom (vertical).
When checked, it automatically centers the lyrics in the window.

Contextual menu:
To display the contextual menu, click on the right button of your mouse in the karaoke window.

Shortcut to the playback controls
Play, stop ...

Full Screen:
Allows to display the karaoke window into full screen mode (no edges).

Activate this Windows:
This option is specified to display the lyrics in this window when several Karaoke windows are being displayed simultaneously.
(To open multiple windows, consult the player section)

Display the tab chords:
Display a window listing all the diagram chords present in the song.

Do not show Chords:
Enable this option to prevent the display of  chords in the karaoke window when playing.

Do not show guitar/piano tabs Chords:
Enable this option to prevent the display of guitar/piano diagrams chords in the karaoke window.

Display Lyrics >:    --------------------------------------------->
Allows you to choose the number of lines that will be displayed and the scroll mode.

Shows the display option settings window.

Keyboard shortcuts for the karaoke window:

P or Enter  : Play Music.
S or End     : Stop Music.
A or M        : Pause Music.

F4  : Show player.

F5  : Refresh the lyrics display.
F11  or Double-click  : Toggles from normal to full screen.

Alt + Key selected as shortcutsTo launch the selected item from the function
                                                         "Add a Shortcut to the Selected Item" from the context menu.

Space bar in synchronization mode: To capture time.

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