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User manuel of DMK version 5 - Player section


Displays the DMK configuration control panel.
Displays the help of DMK.
Displays the program information panel.

Resets the desktop as root.
Set the current directory as root.
Active checkboxes. Check boxes allow to visualize the contents of several folders in the same list.

These three buttons allow you to configure shortcuts to your favorite folders.
For each button: Control + Click button to associate the current directory. You can also set this button into the configuration control panel of DMK.

Buttons "Directory" tabulation

Display the playlist index (menu) of all your playlists.
Lets you create a new playlist.
Lets you refresh the songs list.

  Opens the search window.
Using this panel, it is possible to do an advanced search on your computer for your songs. The result will be displayed in a new playlist.

Mixing or sorting the songs in the list.

Note: Mix the list for a random fashion on playing when the "auto next" option is enabled.
Allows customizing order of songs in the list.

Show/hide the Audio Console.
Display the context menu.
Detach the list tab.

Buttons "Playlist index" tabulation

Display the selected playlist.
Create a new selection playlist.
Delete the selected playlist.
Refresh playlist.
  Allow to open the search window.
Display the context menu.
Detach the playlist index tab.
Close playlist index tab.

Buttons "PlayList" tabulation

Show playlist index (menu) selection.
Allows to add items to your current playlist.
When you enable this option, , DMK will open the "Directory" tab and the following buttons are displayed:

Check the items you wish to add to your playlist, then click this button.

To exit the addition mode.

Remove the selected songs from the playlist.
Refresh songs playlist.
  Opens the search window.
Saves changes to the playlist.

When you do modification on you playlist, This small icon  is displayed in the bottom, indicating you need to save if you do not want to lost your modifications.
Specify for each karaoke playlist:
- A wallpaper and color words.

Specify for each karaoke list:
- The title and singer
- Indicate a transposition value in the case of a midi file.

Tip: To view hidden columns in a list, select an item in the list, then type Ctrl and +.
Allows mixing or sorting.

Up/Down: Customize the songs order.

Display the context menu.
Detach the playlist tab.
Close playlist Tab.

This small icon is displayed in the bottom of the list to indicate that the currently playing song comes from that playlist. If the auto next is enabled, it is into this playlistthat DMK will play the next song.

DMK audio control


 Button Play, Stop, and Pause

  Move back or forward the song of 20 seconds.

Play the next or previous song in the playlist.

 Mask (hide) lyrics

Stops the sound of music (mute).

Auto Next: Automatically starts the next song in the current playlist.

Speed: Allows adjusting the speed (tempo) of the song.
Double click on the button to adjust at 100%.
Volume: Changes the music. volume.
Double click on the button to adjust at 80%.

The scroll bar allows you to see the progress of reading your song.
You can click on the small button of this bar, while holding down the mouse button, move right or left to increase or decrease the currently playing song.
Opens the main menu of DMK.

This menu gives you access to all program pannel windows of DMK ---->

  Allows detaching the console audio player.

Displays the lyrics of the selected song.

Show Karaoke window (where lyrics are displayed when playing).
To open more than one window at a time, you must press the Controlkey while clicking on this button.

Show the Video window (window where Cdg, Mpeg and Avi videos are playing).

Show the karaoke editor. Allows creation/editing karaoke.

Quit DMK.

Other functions of DMK

Right click on one or more files in the list to display the context menu. This menu provides access to functionsrelated to the selected file type.
Click bouton to display of this menu.

Context menu example of the selection MP3 file (.mp3)

Context menu example of the selection midi file (.mid, .kar)

New Play list options:

To create a new selection of Playlist, you can:

 - Click the button "Create New Playlist" on top of the folder tab
 - Selecting the desired songs on the list and right clicks in the list, then select from the popup menu "Add selected items to playlist"
 - You can click the button "Detach Tab" on top of the folder tab. 
This will create a new detach window list of songs. This new window allows you to have a save button to save as a playlist.

  You can access all playlist created by clicking the button "View menu Play List" on top of the folder tab.

  Each playlist can be detached from the reader. This allows:

  - Drag and drop songs from one playlist to another.
 - Drag the songs from the folder tab to a playlist
 - Drag a folder to a playlist (all the songs of directory will be added)
 - Drag a selected list from the list menu to playlist (all the songs in the list will be added)
 - You can also drag selected song from the Windows Explorer to a list

  When multiple playlists are opened simultaneously, if you double click on a song from the list to play (or select a song and click button pLay) a small triangle (Play) will be displayed at the bottom of the list to show that list is playing.

Then, if you click the "Play next item" button or the "next auto" option is enabled, that will play the next song in this exactly playlist.

Open more than one window to display the lyrics.

For those who work with multiple monitors.
To open a new window, you must hold the Control key while clicking on the button   "Show window Karaoke".
Starting a karaoke, lyrics will be displayed in the last window that has been  focused.

It is possible to display lyrics in two windows at the same time.

You have to right-click in the window and click on the shortcut menu  "Activate  this window".

If the window is enabled, the option "Desactivate the window" will be displayed instead.

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