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Users Manual - Background manager

To access this windows, you must go into the panel Configure the karaoke window parameters
and activate image manager function and click on personalize button

Allows to select or not select all files in the list.
Allows to modify the position of a file in the list.
Allows to sort or mix the files of the list.
Keep this window always visible (always on top).
Web help for Background manager. (this page)
Allows you to add all of the images files (JPG, BMP, PCX, TIG, GIF) of a directory.
Allows to add an image to the list.
Apply the modifications and exit the manager.
Cancel the modifications to the list.
Apply the modifications to the list.

Here how this manager works:

First, to use this function:
1: You must activate it in the control panel of the karaoke window
2: Add to the list the desired background images.

If the Auto-Next function is activated:

At each new song start, a new background in the list will be used.

If the Search for Signer is activated:

  1. When an mp3 or midi file starts, the program will search if in the song name a dash (-) is present.
  2. If so, the program will get the part before the dash (-), like so:
    "Simon And Garfunkel - Cecilia.mp3", so (Simon And Garfunkel) will be considered the signers name.
  3. Then the program will do a search in the background list to see if a file name starts with
    Simon And Garfunkel, like "Simon And Garfunkel by rick.jpg" or "Simon And Garfunkel1.jpg"
  4. If the program finds one, it'll use this file as the background, and if not the default background will be used.
  5. If another song from Simon And Garfunkel is played and more then one (1) background file starts with
    Simon And Garfunkel" , the next file will be used and so on.

Precedence order for the background images:

It is possible to configure several places in the program, the background image that will be used to launch a karaoke song. Here is the precedence order for the background images that will be displayed in the starting up of a song.

  1. Inside the .kok
  2. In the list of selection,
  3. File carrying the same name in the directory of the music file supporting the
    JPG, BMP, PCX, TIG, GIF extensions,
  4. In background image manager,
  5. The default DMK Background Image.

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