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Users Manual - Advanced Configuration


This window helps you configure the text scrolling option and fine tune the delay for fine tuning the synchronization time.

You can make the necessary adjustments while the music is playing; thus allowing you to see the effect of parameters changes in real time has they are displayed in the karaoke window.

Note: When the karaoke window is activated, press and hold on the "S" key to reveal the Set Scroll Text panel and fine tweak the smooth scrolling options. You can also click the button in the main karaoke configuration window.

Enables you to select the way lyrics are displayed.

Lyric: Display will be one syllabe at a time.
Letter: Display will be done one letter at a time.
Fill: Display will be done filling the letters in a sliding movement.
This last effect may not work properly on older computers

This window lets you fine tune the Letter and Fill display effect to optimize them in relation with your computer.
note: for most users the defaults settings are just fine.

The fine tuning display adjustments can be observed in real time on the karaoke window.

Let's how analyse how the Letter and Fill display effect works:

In general, for each syllabe of a karaoke song, the time of each syllable display is saved. This will tell the DMK program when in the song to display the lyrics syllables. This time value is saved inside the .kok file. or directly in the .kar (.mid) file.
When the Letter and Fill display effect is activated; while a syllable is displayed, the program will calculate the available time before the coming of the next syllable. This time is divided by the number of letters to display. This value is indicated in real
Time (Value in millisecond).

If the time value is higher than the time indicated in Min. time scrolling. and lower than Max. time scrolling, this time will be used to display the letters one by one in order to give a more continuous effect displaying of the words. So, the displaying of the next syllabe start immediatly after the display of the last letter of the current syllabe. (In this case, the value indicated in the Real Time field, will be equal to the Adjusted Time value).

If the time value is lower than the time indicated in Min. time scrolling, all the letters of this syllable will be displayed as a block. This is to avoid lagging between the lyrics and the music. Depanding on your computer, a certain Min. time scrolling value is required to use the Letter and Fill display effect. If this certain minimum time is not met, instead of a numeral value, the dash "-" will be displayed in the Adjusted Time field.

If the time value is higher than the time indicated in Max. time scrolling, scrolling display of the letters will use the time specified in Max. time scrolling to avoid a too long display of the syllable. In this case, the indicated value in Max. time scrolling will be displayed in the Adjusted Time field.

Min. time scrolling: Indicates to the program the minimum time required so that this option is used for the current syllable. If the real time is lower than the time indicated, the syllable will be displayed as a block. The default value is 25. For a less powerful computer, it is recommended to increase this value.

Max. time scrolling: Indicates to the program the maximum time that must be used to display each letter of the syllable. If the real time is higher than this value, this time will be used. This value especially will be used with the last syllable of a sentence or a paragraph, when a pause is present, before the program restart to display the words.

Real Time: Real time available for the display of each letters of the syllable in progress, before the next syllable.

Adjusted Time: Indicates the time that will be used for displaying the letters of the syllable, according to the parameter entered. When the dash '-' sign is displayed in the time value field; it's showing that the available time was less then the Min. time scrolling.

Let's you add or substract a time delay to the lyrics synchronization.
This time delay can be separately applied to .kok (generaly used with .mp3 files) and to .kar (.mid files).
note: the time delay will apply to all karaoke files.

Returns to the default value Min. time scrolling and Max. time scrolling used with the installation of the program.
Save the tweaked values.
Leave this function and cancel the modifications brought to the Smooth scrolling values.


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