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Users Manual - Recorder

This recorder allows you to record any sound source from your computer, (Microphone, Midi, Wave...)

So now you can:

  1. To record your voice with or without music.
  2. To convert a CD or midi file into Mp3.
Allows to play and listen to the song recorded before the saving.

Stop playing the recording.

When you stop the recording, this table indicates you the length and size in bytes of the recording of the temporary generated file before saving it to MP3.

Starts the selected song (Player) and at the same time the recording.

Start recording only.

This table indicates time and space used by the recording in progress.
This part indicates your disk space available in %. The disc used, is the one where your temp directory is.
Placing your mouse cursor over those numbers, will show you where is the directory.
This function is only available on Win 2000 and XP.

Delete the temporary recording in progress.
Choose in witch format you wish to save your recording.
Save the recording.
Saves the recording and asks you for a new file name.
Indicates your recording has been saved.
 Allows you to listen to your saved recording.
Shows the selected file and allows to open another file without going back to the player.
Short cuts towards the players controls.
Allows you to keep this windows always on top.

Allows to open the Windows record options panel.

Using this panel it's possible for you to select the recording source.

  • To record an Mp3 file, select WAVE.
  • For a midi file, select MIDI* or WAVE.
    *Depends on which "Midi Out'" you've selected in the DMK program configuration.

If you want to record your voice using a microphone at the same time the song is playing, for a SB Live (Sound Blaster), choose and select ' What U Hear '.

Bellow controls for a SB PCI 128 (Sound Blaster) card. In this case, if you want to record your voice using a microphone at the same time the song is playing, choose and select ' Stereo Mix'.

Browse to the online manual recorder help page.

Exit the recorder.


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