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Version History

DEL MP3 Karaoke ...the beginning.
My nickname is Rick.

Being already a guitar player for a few years, I discovered the karaoke, searching for a way that people could accompany me while playing my guitar in little jam sessions night.

Soon I found 2 downsides to the karaoke softwares I found on the web.

  • A lot of work, if I wanted to create the synchronization from a new midi and text file.
  • When I wanted to run these karaoke softwares on my laptop, the sound quality was very poor (due to the type of sound card found on laptops).

Knowing that the .mp3 format doesn't realy needs a good sound card to output a good quality sound, witch is not the case of the .mid format, I started searching for an MP3 karaoke software. After hours seaching the web and trying the softwares I found, I concluded that no software met my needs. Being a software-analyzer for a big energy company, I decided to make the software for my enjoyment. And that's how DEL MP3 Karaoke software started.

A software who let's generate karaoke .kok files quickly and easily from MP3 files or other music files format...

version build comments date
5.0 BETA 5.0 BETA
This version has been completely redone

• Ability to specify musical chords above lyrics
• Display tab guitard or piano above the lyrics
• Chord tab Editor guitar and piano
• Panel allows to export its Karaoke (mp3 + cdg and mp3 + kok) to AVI file.
• I added a keyboard (piano) midi with inteface to connect a real midi keyboard
• Start any karaoke, sound or other files from your keyboard (piano)
• New advance management of Play List
• Powerful Search Function
• Reading video files (avi and mpg)
• ID3 Tag Editor with image management
• Console of MP3 audio effect
• Console Midi file
• Ability to open more than one window to display the lyrics.
• ...
>>> HERE for more information <<<

I moved the source directory of DMK configuration files.
The configuration files are now in
%AllUsersProfile%\DelMp3Kok for Windows Vista, 7 et +
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\DelMp3Kok for Windows XP
This allows the sharing configurations from one Windows session to another.
Correction for compatibility with Windows 7
• correcting the problem of reading mp3 + cdg under Vista and Windows 7
• improved mp3 tag editor
• add a button to delete a selection list
4.7 4.7
Correction for compatibility with Windows Vista

This version build bring with it CDG support !!!

Other new options and features are added to DMK:

• plays MP3 + G (.CDG) files
• f ile renaming 
• bouton pause a été ajouté
• editing .dmk files
• readjusting the singing syllables
• new flexibility of the karaoke window
• s ong time line slider

DMK now in three (3) languages: English / French / Spanish


The 4.5 version build adds:

=> New option for the displaying of the lyrics in the karaoke window!!!
Another option to display the lyrics in the karaoke window.
From now on, you'll have three (3) display modes. The syllables display, the letter display and now the filling display.
Open to the Karaoke configuration window and choose the scrolling option between Syllable, Letter or Filling. Access it in the taskbar at the top of the Karaoké window by clicking the small red, green and blue button .

=> This DMK version build offers the possibility of having the software in the language of your choice. At the moment DMK is in French and in English but it's now possible or you to add a language, by making the translation of a file (Traduct.ini),
Details at http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/howto/howtolang_en.htm

We are searching for intermediate to advanced Windows users, who would be interested in translating from English (or French) towards another language. If you wish to help us make DMK available in your language, browse to http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/howto/howtolang_en.htm for details on the translation procedure and follow the instructions in the Announcements for Traduc.ini publishing procedures and how/where to obtain the beta version of the software to test your newly added language.

4.2.4205 In this version build, it's now possible to merge or assemble a music file, a kok file, a ko1 file, an image file and a font size and color configuration file into a .dmk file.
- Right click a music file, then choose from the contextual menu 'Generate DMK file...'

You can extract the archived files from a .dmk file to a folder.
- Right click a .dmk file, then choose from the contextual menu 'Extract the DMK files...'

Change font size and family of the song list of the DMK player window.
- Right click the song list. Choose in the contextual menu 'Modify Fonts'.


A brand new module "the background manager" as been added to DMK. It will allow you to manage in lots of way the images files you use for background.

• An independent volume control was added.
• It is possible to resize the width of the players list.
• A drop-down list displays the «play lists» present in the application directory.

A new directory view with functions like Reset To Zero, Set as Root (choose a root directory) and Multi Selection.

DMK support for non standard kar and midi files as been again extended for broder compatibility.

See the complete list of new additions...

  Download DMK NOW !  

A brand new module "the recorder" is added to DMK.
Allows you to record your voice over your favorite music, and to save the whole in a file .mp3. Share your song interpretations with others. With this module it's also possible to convert to .mp3 format, all that your PC can play. BladeEnc allows encoding to .mp3 all that DMK will get as music and the DMK recorder gets all that you hear!

The software was again improved by the support of non standard .kar or.mid formats. Indeed, after extensive research, the algorithm was modified, allowing the interpretation of the lyrics of some to .kar and .mid that were incompatible so far.

Full screen option to further increase your visual pleasure while reading the lyrics in the karaoke window.

Ability to import a mid or kar in our editor, make the desired modifications, in the same way that to usually do it you with DMK, then export the whole re-synchronized .mid (with words) or .kar.

A mixing console of MIDI instruments, for the mid or kar formats. Enables you to play your songs by personalizing the instruments you hear. An example of use: a guitarist who accompanies the song without there an audible guitar on the mid or kar. You can do this easily by muting one of the tracks of the .mid via the mixing console.

And More usefull additions can be learned about in this HowTo article.


New Additions

Themes > select the colors and texture is easy.

Karaoke screen > line jumps are now supported and you can add a shadow effect to your fonts, this making a 3D effect.

Editor > now you can even add to synchro files a background image and/or background color change, on line ends.
Text is now added under the selected line in the karaoke list.

Add selected block of text to the karaoke list easily using the CTRL key. To do this, first select the above line in the karaoke list where you want to insert the text. Then on the text side, select the text you want to be added. Finaly, holding the CTRL key down, click the "ADD" button. (<-)

Configuration > The best part in the 3.1 build is our validation fonction. From the configuration panel, you can now chek, or auto-check mountly, for updates for our software.

3.0 beta 1

We keep on giving more !

In our Player :

  • - A play List has been added.) So now you can create your own lists of selections from songs in different folders on your computer.
  • - For the karaoke window, it's possible to add and save a different background matching each songs in your play list.
  • - A ball and progress bar has been added to the lyrics display, to help you be more synchronized with the music.
  • - You can do a double sychronization of lyrics, permetting back vocals out of synch (echo).

In our karaoke window; :

- Keyboard shortcuts have been added:

F5 : Showing the karaoke window, 25% screen size.

F6 : Showing the karaoke window, 50% screen size.

F7 : Showing the karaoke window, 75% screen size.

F8 : Showing the karaoke window, full screen.

F9 : Display a second karaoke window.

F12 : Show/Hide the shortcuts bar in the karaoke window.

In our editor :

  • - Inserting a slash « / » at the beginning of a phrase, forces it to be transfered in one chunk, in the karaoke list.
  • - Holding the CTRL key down and clicking the "+" or "-" of the time value option, lets you add or substract the time value of the selected line in the karaoke list.
2.7 beta 1 The pitch of the .mid files format can now be adjusted.
I corrected a lagging bug that appeared when using some ..kar files.
2.6 beta 1 Again, we added new and improved functionalities.
player: shuffle, order and auto next functions added; move back or forward throught songs in the list
editor: new editing options such as: autoscrolling in the list while editing, resetting of the timer...
karaoke: you can now change the vertical scrolling direction of the lines your singing, you can configure the display of the singing lines and you can access the configuration window directly from the karaoke window.
2.2 beta 1 You can now choose the number of singing lines displayed. You can choose between 2,4,6 or 8 lines to be displayed in the karaoke window. 07/23/2001
2.1 beta 1

The player window as been modified, so it is resizable (you can now display more files in your list. You can now personnalize the looks and colors of your copy,

In the Karaoke window: You can now insert your favorite background, modify the window margins. The auto horizontal option can be activated to automatically center the text of the singing lines. The "on top" option, let you keep the window always visible.

2.0 beta 1

Del MP3 Karaoke can now support the .kar format, witch is available for download on the web.

You can import the lyrics and the synchronization of .kar files in the editor, to modify, correct, put your personal touch to the lyrics and to synch quickly and easily. You can export the lyrics in the .kar or .kok files to a .txt file format, for print or whatever you want.

1.2 beta 2 Minor bugs corrected, they were found on the win95-98-ME versions. 2000
1.2 beta 1 Added a "mute sound" and "mute lyrics and sound". This lets you play games with your DEL MP3 Karaoke copy. To play, simply mask sound and lyrics for a short while, to see if the singing party could hold the beat of the song. 2000


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Sing along on your favorites with our karaoke software. DEL MP3 Karaoke © the software, to reach the karaoke lover in you.