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Evolution of new DMK version 5.0

I published the first version of DMK in 2000, which will be already 18 years!

As DMK is written in an old programming language,
it more difficult for me to add new functionality.

I decided to rewrite DMK in my free time in a new language (which is version 5.0 DMK)

Good news, I have just completed the first version 5.0 DMK.

You can follow the evolution of this new version on this page.

To view screenshots and information about new features, visit this page:
Screenshot and preview of Del Mp3 Karaoke Version 5 software


Download here

Note  Date "Auto Next with pause" function:
As shown in the button bubble info

Right-clicking the mouse now allows you to activate the "Auto Next with pause" function.
In this mode the button will turn yellow instead of red to differentiate this mode from the normal Auto next mode.
When the "Auto Next with pause" function is activated, DMK will switch to the next song automatically and then display the title and activate the pause button automatically
To start karaoke, you can click the pause button, or use the space bar.
Now the space bar allows you to activate / deactivate the pause button.
Possibility to save special characters on lyric when creating karaoke:
Here is the request I received:
        In my karaoky I use some special characters,
        Here they are:
        ♥: Alt + 3 = Everyone sings
        ♂: Alt + 11 = Singer singer
        ♀: Alt + 12 = Singer alone
        DMK does not record these characters
I have corrected, ASCII characters can be saved now.
Simultaneous screens corrected:
It is possible to open several karaoke windows and ask DMK to display the lyrics in more than one simultaneous window.
To open new display windows, hold the CTRL key and click the "Show Karaoke Window" button.
By default DMK will display the lyrics on the last activated window, but in the context menu (right click in the window) there is an option "Always enable this window"

AND some other small corrections and adjustments ...
Fixed problem with creating an AVI file.
AND some other small corrections and adjustments ..
12/03/2017 - Ability to play music karaoke files inside a ZIP file.

New options in the context menu:

- Ability to unzip a file

- Right click on MP3, I added function to create a zip with all files in the project. DMK will automatically detect all files beginning with the mp3 name and with a DMK compatible extension ( ".MP3", ".KOK", ".KO1", ".KCK", ".COD", ".JPG" "BMP", ".PCX", ".TIG", ".GIF").
And will create a zip with the name of the mp3.

- If you delete an MP3 using the context menu, DMK will ask you if you want to delete all files beginning with the name of mp3 and with a compatible DMK extension. ( ".MP3", ".KOK", ". KO1 "," .KCK "," .COD, "" .JPG, "" .BMP "," .PCX "," .TIG "," .GIF "). Very effective to clean after the zipped project.

- When a copy pasted file(s) from the context menu of the DMK list, if a synchronization file (.kok or .cdg) is detected, DMK will ask if you also want to copy all other supporting files recognized by DMK. (Kok, ko1, CDG, jpg ...) corresponding. Same process when deleting.

- Under "Visualisation" from the context menu, is now possible to select the desired columns to display in the list.

- Option
in the karaoke configuration window to display the karaoke
  words in UPPERCASE .

- The display of CGD karaoke is now in the karaoke window instead
   of videos window.

- Now the up and down arrows button using to
specify the order of Mp3
  in the list,
allow to move multiple selection.

Note :To do multiple selection, click on the items by holding the Ctrl key or by holding the Shift key.

So if several selected is done, they all up and down.
- To move one or more songs in a specific location, select all items to move.
Then click where you want to move by holding "Alt Car"  (the "Alt Car" button is the one at right of the space bar)
and all items will be moved below.

- Adding functions in the console "Recorder"


Now here is the order of priority of the display images on the launch of a karaoke (Kok):

Step 1: (display image signature)

If an image file with Mp3 name ending with "_init" is present in the MP3 directory:
    -> This image will be displayed for 3 seconds at startup.
        Ex: If the MP3 file is played "ZZ TOP - LA GRANGE.mp3" file
         must be called "ZZ TOP - LA GRANGE_Init.jpg".

Step 2: (title and/or singer bane

If the option that indicates to display the title and singer on starting of karaoke is activate
AND the image file name Mp3 ending with "_title" is pressed in the MP3 directory:
    -> This image will be used during the title display.
        Ex: If the MP3 file is played "ZZ TOP - LA GRANGE.mp3" file
        must be called "ZZ TOP - LA GRANGE_Title.jpg
       If _title file is not present, it is the image of step 3 that
will be used for displaying the title.

Note: The option to display the title and display time are defined in the configuraton karaoke window.

Step 3: (Starting karaoke)

Display priority:
    1-If change "image" are indicated on the first line inside
      the kok synchronsation file.
    2-In the selection Playlist
    3-File with the same name as the music file directory
    4-In the wallpaper manager
    5-Default DMK wallpaper

Then if other changes are indicated in the synchronization (.kok), the change will be at the specified time.

- F5 in the Karaoke window allows refreshes quickly when window
       display problem!


On the 2 small buttons that allow you to move backward or forward of 20 secs.
Now if you click on "-20 secs" button by holding the shift key. The title will restart at time 0.
Or if you click on this button and holding the control key. The song restart at time 0 and automatically activate the pause button.
Then you just need to click on paused button to restart when the person is ready to sing.
If you click the Advanced "+20 secs" button by holding the shift key, the song will go to the end -20 secs!

I added a column to indicate the duration.

And several other small corrections and adjustments...
03/10/2016 In the Advanced panel DMK configuration, I added the option to select the midi output (MIDI mapper) to play your MIDI files.

 In a Play List it is now possible to specify for each karaokein the list
 - A wallpaper and color words.
 - A title and signer
- Transposition if midi file selected.

  Tip: To view hidden columns in a playlist, select an item in the list and makes the Ctrl and +

Auto columns adjustment on the player resize.
And some other adjustments...
14/01/2016 Fixed problems with "Avi Video Creator" functions
Add informations on "Midi Info" Panel
I did some other small adjustments and corrections...
27/12/2015 Fix error with the new midi stream functions and Windows 8.1 06/04/2015 New Midi functionality

Change In the Player:
It is now possible to change the tone (Transposition), volume and speed of MIDI files.

In the Midi Console:
When a midi file is playing, it is now possible to make changes for each channel in real time :
- Change instrument, volume and balance
- View notes played on time
- Vu-meter peak channels

In the Keyboard (Piano):
Notes played for each channel is now displayed on the keyboard.
Small keyboard to view more piano keys and easy select transposition

In the Console Midi Info.:
I added the details of the Midi file.

In the Editor:
Adding shortcut in the list of the editor:
F9 Set the start of the section to copy from
F10 Extand section to copy from the beginning of the section indicated "F9"
F11 Copy the section selected
F12 Moves the section selected

Other possible functions in sync list that are already present:
Right click or Double Click to play from the list selection
Dot "." to clear the time of your selection
0 to set time value to zero of your selection
F5 Set cursor focus on the Chord field
F6 Set cursor focus on the Syllable field

I added characters exclusion for displaying chords
The following characters are displayed but ignored by chords detection, this is useful to display additional information with chords:
[ ] | { } ( ) < > : , " . / \ ? * x1 x2 x3 x4 X1 X2 X3 X4 1x 2x 3x 4x 1X 2X 3X 4X Capo I Do Ré Mi Fa Sol La Si

I did some small adjustments and corrections ...
  I added in the control panel the option to change the appearance of the program by adding 4 themes.
I did some small adjustments and corrections ...
  - Fix display and editor issue 26/12/2014
  ID3 Tag Editor:
- Added the ability to specify a subtitle and rating
- Button to import file name as a title
- Fixed compatibility issue
  View, edit or add an image into the ID3 Tag.
Option to display this image with the title at the begin of karaoke song.
  - Modification the countdown time and the image display "Ball"
   above the lyrics.
- Added a small recorder as in Version 4.5
  Keyboard (piano).

This keyboard can be used in Piano Midi mode or shortcut mode.
If you have a real midi (usb) keyboard, it can be recognized by DMK. Which allows interaction between your midi keyboard and DMK keyboard

Shortcut mode:

In shortcut mode, it is possible to associate a shortcut to a file on your computer for each keyboard key.

All file types are accepted.

If the associated file is a file type recognize by DMK player (.mp3, .mid, .kar, .avi ...). the keyboard will launch the file in the DMK player.

If the file is a .WAV file type, the keyboard will play the file in a separate audio channel DMK player.
This allows to play wave at the sema time of DMK player.
Ex: Play applause wave at the same time you launch Karaoke
Note: It is even possible to simultaneously play multiple wave sounds.

If the file is not recognized by DMK and not a .wav file. DMK will attempt to launch the file directly.

You can associate another program or other file type (ex. Word file ".doc", a PDF...)

Keyboard miki mode:

In piano mode, it is possible to have fun playing the piano, and listen to a piano chord.

  Improving searching file function, faster and it is now possible to specify multiple search criteria separate by semicolons. 17/02/2013
  Avi Video Creator

I added "Avi Video Creator" function.

This panel allows you to export the karaoke (mp3 + cdg kok or mp3 +) to AVI file.

Then using software like "Movie Maker" it will be possible to create a personalized DVD with you karaoke.


Added chords piano editor

  Added a sound effect Console.
Adding Midi Console window.
Stabilizing the lyrics display
Several small improvements!
  Adding shortcuts (in player and karaoke window)

P or Enter =  Play
S = Stop or End
A = Pause
1 = Select the previous song
2 = Selection of the next song
3 = Forward to 20 seconds
4 = Rewind to 20 seconds

(Shortcuts into player windows only)
F5 = Refresh list
Ctrl + w = Export to .m3u8 type (Winamp play list)

New feature specific to version 5

New management selection list (Play List)
Search Function
Ability to specify guitar chords
Play video files (avi and mpg)

New Play list options:

To create a new selection of Play List, you can:

- Click the button "Create New Play List" on top of the folder tab
- Selecting the desired songs on the list and right clicks in the list, then select from the popup menu "Add selected items to play list"
- You can click the button "Detach Tab" on top of the folder tab. This will create a new detach window list of songs. This new window allows you to have a save button to save as a play list

You can access all play list created by clicking the button "View menu Play List" on top of the folder tab.

Each play list can be detached from the reader. This allows:

- Drag and drop songs from one play list to another.
- Drag the songs from the folder tab to a play list
- Drag a folder to a play list (all the songs of directory will be added)
- Drag a selected list from the list menu to play list (all the songs in the list will be added)
- You can also drag selected song from the Windows Explorer to a list

When multiple play lists are opened simultaneously, if you double click on a song from the list to play (or select a song and click button pLay) a small triangle (Play) will be displayed at the bottom of the list to show that list is playing. Then, if you click the "Play next item" button or the "next auto" option is enabled, that will play the next song in this exactly playlist.

Specify the guitar or piano chords under lyricks

Like me
, many musicians use DMK. So I added the ability to specify the guitar or piano chords under lyricks.

Example that you can download here:



Like version 3, this version manages ko1 (2 synchronization for canon songs)
Demo here:


Open more than one window to display the lyrics.

For those who work with multiple monitors.

To open a new window, you must hold the Control key while clicking on the button "Show window Karaoke".

Starting a karaoke, lyrics will be displayed in the last window that has been  focused.

It is possible to display lyrics in two windows at the same time.

You have to right-click in the window and click on the shortcut menu "Activate this window".

If the window is enabled, the option "Desactivate the window" will be displayed instead.

I probably forgot a few things, you will have the pleasure of discovering them along the way !!!

I hope you'll like this new version.





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