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Does DEL MP3 Karaoke shareware version have special limitations?

DMK is completly free and fully fonctionnal in its shareware version (not registered). Small reminders to buy a DMK's license, to support creation, are the unregistered version limitations. If you like and use DMK, please register (buy a license).

Benefits that comes with registration :

  1. a direct software access, without a license agreement window at program start-up,
  2. no more occasionnal pop-up reminding you to support us.
  3. the ability to register future build versions of the program.
  4. a personalized support.

and you'll have the satisfaction of supporting software developpement for software like this one...

To register (buy a license), go to http://www.delmp3karaoke.com/reg_en.html.
A license cost 20$ us.

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